D Block Application (Form One)
Prospective parents are encouraged to register their children while she is in Grade 7 and an Open Day is usually held in the third term of her Grade 6 year. The deadline for Registration is the end of November of her Grade 7 year. Parents must fill out an Application Form accompanied by a Application Fee as well as a copy of their children(s) Birth Certificate, most recent School Report and passport sized photo. Please ensure that ALL sections of the Application Form are filled out for both the mother and father and/or guardian. Applicants who choose Jameson High School as the school of their First Choice write the Common Entrance Examination on the first Saturday in January at Jameson High School. This examination is set by CHISZ – the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe. While the results in this test are important, consideration is given also to the applicant’s junior school, her/his Headmaster’s comments.

Vth Form Application
Parents whose children have written their O Level or IGCSE Examinations at other schools may apply for a Vth Form place that will allow them to write their A Levels at Jameson High School. Prospective parents are encouraged to register their children before the end of her O Level year. Parents must fill out an Application Form. An Application Fee is required as well as a copy of their children(s) birth certificate, a copy of her most recent school report, a passport sized photo, and a copy of her predicted results for O Level / IGCSE. The child will also need to specify which subjects he/she would intend studying at Jameson High School . Jameson High School will only consider girls with 6 A Grade passes or more at O Level / IGCSE

General Application
Parents who wish their children to join Jameson High School in Form 2 (C Block) or Form 3 (B Block) will, again, need to fill in an Application Form, supply a copy of their child's birth certificate, a copy of his/her most recent school report and a passport sized photo. There are generally waiting lists for places in each year group and no guarantee can be made that application for admission will be successful.

At present the Application Fee is $10 while the current school fees are approximately USD $ 600 per term. On acceptance into Jameson High School,parents are expected to pay a non-refundable Entry Fee equating to one term's school fees. This information is subject to change without notice.